Andy Camberton is a contestant on Glee Project: A New Generation.


Andrew also known as Andy, is a British, 19 year old. Andy is from Liverpool, whenever he tells people this he gets the usual "Do you know any of The Beatles?!", from the obviously disadvanteged, uneducated people. He is extreamly outgoing, happy & charming and has a care free attitude but knows when he needs to work.

Andy's voice is very swing like but also he is very versitile. He can dance extreamley well and has been trained in all styles for years. He can also Harmonize easily & is very good at group singing and dancing. He isn't the best actor out of all the contestants but he surprises everyone with his acting abilities as for a none trained actor he does surprisingly well. However with all these strengths comes vulnerabnilities. Andy is very easily angered by things and is not afraid to stand his ground when someone is wrong, he also considers his sexuality a vulnerability as when he tells people that he believes he is 'Pansexual' meaning 'Gender Blind', no one ever takes him seriously, this also angers him.

However Andy is a strong competitor and believes he has the heart & commitment to make it onto Glee.


  • Believes he is 'Pansexual'.
  • Loves swing music but can be very versatile.
  • He has been trained in every style of dance know, from ballet - tap, swing - ballroom. He uses this to his advantage.



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